Roofing Tips

What to Expect When Having a Roof Installed.

Having a roof replaced is an experience that many homeowners go through at least once. To help you enjoy a hassle-free re-roof or repair process we have included a few procedures to help you plan ahead and be aware of what to expect in advance of your roofing day.

Inside and Outside- Your Roof Install

Your old roof- will be placed from the top of your house into the ground during this project.
To minimize damage, we will cover all grass and scrubs near the roof trash area. To allow adequate space to effectively complete the job, we recommended the customer clear everything else that can be removed- law ornaments, hose potted plants, etc. from the area were we will be working. Also please be sure to make us aware of any in-ground sprinkler systems or septic tanks in our working area.

Be a Courteous Neighbor: Alert the neighbors of the impending temporary Increasein noise and traffic. We also suggest to the customers, who may have a baby in the house, or anyone that constant hammering could annoy, that they make plans to be out of the house during working hours.

Also, if you need any neighbors to move their vehicles to allow for a clearer path for the roofing trucks, make sure to give them plenty of notice.

How outside Roofing work affect what’s going on inside your house. Persistent hammering and walking on the roof above can cause your home’s structure to shake. We suggest that you grab ladder and a screwdriver, and take down whatever you feel maybe in danger of falling or breaking. In a multi-story home, Items hung from your first floor ceiling may or may not need to come down.

After the ceilings have been cleared, turn to the walls and take down any photographs, art, or other hanging objects. You’ll want to remove these items to safer locations until your new roof is complete.

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